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45 Hume St
Crows Nest, NSW, 2065

+612 9437 0277

Friends of Sala Bai is a Not-For-Profit organisation founded by Hospitality professionals in Australia dedicated to raising funds to support Sala Bai: A vocational hotel school in Siam Reap, Cambodia.

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About Sala Bai

Founded in 2002 by the French NGO Agir pour le Cambodge, Sala Bai is a tuition-free catering and hotel school designed to help impoverished teenagers in Cambodia. Students of the school come from disadvantaged families. About 70% of the students are girls.

The vocational training taught at Sala Baï is definitely the fastest and most efficient way of fighting poverty, human trafficking and teenage prostitution.

For every student, training at Sala Bai is totally free and includes accommodation, food, school supplies and uniforms, bicycles and medical coverage. In addition to the school, Sala Bai also operates a restaurant and accommodation for four bedrooms, allowing the students valuable opportunities to develop their confidence and skills. When the pupils graduate from the school after specialised training in cooking, front office, restaurant service and housekeeping, with intensive English lessons and a short paid internship, they all, without exception, find and keep a job that will help them support their family.

Reports we receive from alumni constantly refer to the value of education for the whole family - most graduates also end up paying for the education of younger brothers and sisters and instil the values of Sala Bai - hard work and service - into them too. On average, a Sala Bai graduates income supports 10 extra family members. In addition, Sala Bai alumni often move quickly up the hospitality ladder, reaching supervisory levels that allow them to give back through donations, mentorship and employment of future Sala Bai graduates.

Supporters of Sala Bai are determined to ensure that this project has longetivity and is sustainable. As a result, Sala Bai is working on several new developments including a new and purpose built location. Most of the project is already funded andwill enable us to expand the school program to include more students and create a 5th training section dedicated to Spa Therapy.

It’s a fact of life that we measure everything. And compare it to norms and budgets and expectations. One of the most important things in business and life is that a particular strategy makes a difference or brings about a change for the best.  Education at Sala Bai is a strategy where the result and benefit is measurable and obvious for the students, their families and Cambodia.